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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Now Available to Buy at Google Apps Store: Mobile Phone Spying Application

Mobile Phone Spyware Now Available Through App Store

Mobile phone spying application now accessible in Google Play. Shortly after making a couple adjustment in order to adhere to specific privacy issues Retina Software was officially accepted to offer it's cell phone tracking app to the masses. Get the full story reported by Virtual Strategy Magazine below ...

“ Retina Software announced today the immediate availability of its cell phone spy software, ePhoneTracker, in Google Play. The software monitors every Android phone activity and sends detailed reports to the owner’s email account. The company claims ePhoneTracker is the first real working “mobile spy software” to be legitimately available in the Android AppMarket.

“Unlike what most people think Google Play has tight control over what goes in its market. The stealth version of the app was suspended five hours of its upload.”, said Madhavi Goyal, Business Development Manager at Retina Software, “We had to make a non-stealth version which display a notice to the user that his phone is under surveillance. The program is still password protected to be tampered with.”

The market version of ePhoneTracker is only a segment of what is possible from the full version of the app available from the product website. The stealth version of the app runs completely hidden and no mention of the software is shown inside the phone.

“ePhone Tracker, brings a new level of secret spying abilities straight to your smartphone.”, said Andrew Couts, a reviewer from Digital Trends….  More at Android Spy Software officially available at Google Play – Virtual-Strategy Magazine

Stealth Mobile Phone and Text Message Spying 

Should you would prefer to use the stealth mode unrestricted version of this application you can get access to a demo and review by going here. The unrestricted model is going to allow you to monitor practically every single activity which transpires on a cell phone you want to monitor, including spying on text messages, without the user ever realizing.

A popular version of this type of cell phone tracking software is the kind that is not installed on the phone you wish to monitor. The application is instead installed on your phone and gives you virtually all of the capabilities at a fraction to cost. See more here...

Click here for a demo

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Here's some good news for all your BlackBerry owners. GotoCamera, the world's leading surveillance, monitoring, and security service with over 100,000 customers from over 180 countries, has come out with a free BlackBerry app for their customers. All that one needs to do, is set-up an account with them and hook up a webcam to monitor their home, office or business. Once the account is set-up, you can access your cameras (snapshots and videos), view and manage your camera footage stored on the GotoCamera servers, and change your motion detection settings. The best part about this service? - It's FREE!

Silently records everything including full SMS messages, call info, GPS locations, web sites visited, contacts added and more. The software is worth purchasing anyway!

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