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Friday, May 18, 2012

Did You Know Your Cell Phone Activities Are Being Tracked?

Did you know the major cell phone carriers are tracking you. There are no saints when it comes to information technology. Get the full story below...
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" What's the one electronic device you have with you everywhere you go? Your smart phone! Cell phone companies know it and, based on what you do with that phone, they know a whole lot more about you, too.

Every time you download an app, search for a web site, send a text, take a picture of a QR code, or drive past a store with your GPS on, your every move may be tracked by your cell phone company. Marketing insider Mark Johnson says, "They know you were playing Angry Birds. They know that you drove by Sears. They know you drove by Dominos pizza, so they can take that and take a very unique algorithm that can focus on your behavior. It's very impactful." Johnson says your data trail is worth big bucks to cell phone companies, and most people have no idea they're being tracked....More at Cell Phone Companies Are Tracking You - FOX19 "

There are many pros and cons to collecting this kind of data. The truth is everyone from the everyday consumer to the large telecom's want to know what's really going on. One growing trend on the internet are apps used by the everyday consumer to track the cell phone activities of another user such as a spouse, child or employee. These simple apps put the power and technology of the big boys and girls in the hands of the average consumer.

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